Local attractions

This is an excellent centre for walking, touring, and visiting vineyards. For example, the area of DOUÉ LA FONTAINE - SAUMUR - MONTREUIL-BELLAY is a mine of attractions.

Trekking fans, whether cycling, walking, or on water, will find their wishes fulfilled, as will those who enjoy river fishing. You can also enjoy exploring the "Chemins de la rose" (DOUÉ LA FONTAINE is also known as the region of roses), or the "Bioparc" de DOUÉ (one of the most beautiful in France, with its troglodyte sites and its enormous aviary...) . Those who are keen on historical sites will be delighted to discover the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, and the village of Candes-Saint-Martin.

Below are tourist office websites with descriptions of everything there is to discover in the surrounding area:

We've tested quite a few of these places personally and can advise you on the must-see places (wine producers worth visiting, an interesting circuit...). Don't hesitate to ask for more info!

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